Places I’ve Been

A very nice post by John Frye: "When Old People Speak."  This is a short piece but says much.  (Yes, I know it was posted at the end of July but I somehow missed it then.)

Subversive Influence has a good post entitled "3 Leadership Lessons from John 3."  I really like the following paragraph:

Leaders may often allow their own needs to be met through their
ministry to others.  In being “needed” by the church, they find their
own significance and use this to build themselves up in their mind.
This is not the place to find one’s worth and significance,
as it drives the need to be engaged in the lives of others,
transferring the benefit of the relationship from the parishioner to
the minister.  Again, this is a recipe for disaster that has caused pain
and hurt to those in the pews as the pastor discards them to move on to
another based on his own need to “help” others.  This must be selfless,
always bearing in mind that the actions are on behalf of others.

Darryl Dash, "There Was a Time When the Church was Very Powerful."  A great quote from MLK Jr. 

David Fitch has written a very interesting post entitled "When They Will Not Come."  This is his opening line in this post:

Here’s the first of many more posts on the subject of "When They Will
Not Come": Church-planting, church-pastoring and church-life as it is
AFTER the "attractional" nature of the church has disappeared in society…

Scot McKnight has written a piece for Out of Ur entitled "The Wright Brothers (In Christ)"  (reflections on two books by N. T. Wright and Christopher Wright).

Michael Hyatt, President and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, gives tips to first-time writers. 

Arlene Kasselman has some very good questions for reflection in "When the Well is Dry." 

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