Places I’ve Been

These are a few blogs I’ve noticed this week and some posts (or articles) I want to pass on to you.  You might want to look at some of these:

You might enjoy an article I wrote for Leadership Journal’s "Out of Ur" blog on Jesus Leaders…

This is a very interesting study on view of God done by Baylor University sociologists. 

A nice piece from Scott’s Bible blog regarding Christians and prosperity.  Scott begins his post with reference to an article in the most recent Time magazine, which had an article on the same subject.

Be sure to read John Frye’s post Jesus: The Man from the Hollers.  It is great.

Read Wade Tannehill on the Ten Commandments.

A very nice post from my sister, Becky Burroughs, on saying "I’m sorry."

Wade Hodges did a interesting piece on "The Felt Presence of God."

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5 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Jim,
    Great post at “Out of Ur”. Yes, ego as you speak of it there, is not compatible with the living out of our faith in Christ, either as leaders in the church or followers of Christ.