Places I’ve Been

A very interesting series entitled "Economic Status" by Michael Kruse.  See part 1 here.

Check out Mark Galli’s post "Why Kids Lie."

Read Arlene Kasselman on "An Enemy of the Cross."

A very nice post by Ted Gossard on "Living Sacrifices."

See L. L. Barkat’s very interesting and useful post "Golden Opportunity: Talk to Top Editors and Publishers."

Liam Byrnes’ tribute to his friend Oliver Foot: "Oliver Foot well remembered."

Read John Frye on "Steeple Envy."

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6 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Hi, Jim. Thanks for the link. And it is amazing how much some of these editors really appreciate hearing from people. One editor commented that she feels like SHE is speaking to the void (which is interesting because sometimes writers say they feel that way about commenting on a publisher’s/editor’s blog!). Editors are people too, then, and it’s good to remember that.

    On another note, thanks for your kind comment over on the SC book club wiki. You’ve got me thinking…