Places I’ve Been

A very good post by David Fitch in which he shares some reflections on his use of time. 

Frank Bellizzi has written an interesting piece on the work of Robert Alter (specifically his new book on the Psalms). 

Perhaps you are familiar with these resources — but if you are not, you might enjoy a glance at the courses available through "The Teaching Company."  I have taken one of these courses and have just ordered another. 

For several years, I have been helped by David Allen’s book Getting Things Done.  He is now writing a weekly column at the Huffington Post.  You can find a list of his articles here.

Are you familiar with Backpack?  It is a personal organizing tool that I have found to be very helpful.  Been using it about ten months now.

You might enjoy reading the reflections of Dr. Roger Olson as he looks at the question, "Where would Jesus go to church?" 

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6 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Jim, Interested by the backpack stuff, Id be interested to hear what you find good about it that outweighs for example free options such as google calendar, to-dos etc. Thanks Liam

  2. Hi Liam,I have probably enjoyed Backpack because it works so well with David Allen’s Getting Things Done system.  I have not used the various helps available through Google so it is hard for me to compare them.  They may in fact, work just as well. Thanks.