Places I’ve Been

Am I defined more by what I am for or what I am against?  Read Brian Mashburn.

An interesting post: "100 Billion a Year" by Frank Bellizzi.

John Frye’s post "Ecclesiastes and Establishment Evangelicalism" challenges all of us to think.

Check out Gordon MacDonald’s post on spiritual immaturity in "Out of Ur."  An important read.

David Fitch does a nice piece on Neil Cole’s thoughts on being missional in the suburbs. 

L.L. Barkat has a very nice piece in Today’s Christian entitled "A
New Kind of Body."

John Dobbs has written a nice post entitled "Unmasking Grace."

Scot McKnight posts an important and moving redemptive story.

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5 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Jim, thanks for the links. really liked Frye’s post. glad to  have come across your blog via JesusCreed. look forward to visiting often.

  2. Jim,
    Thanks for pointing to the Gordon McDonald post. The reponses were as stirring and thought-provoking as his words