Places I’ve Been

Gordon MacDonald writes a very good article on patience.  I’ve been blessed for many years through his writing. 


Pictures that lie at CNET. Interesting.


Regent College Bookstore has a very good blog which some might find helpful for keeping current of new books, etc.  You can find it hereRegent College (Vancouver, B.C.) has a fine bookstore and one of the best audio collections.   Both books and audio can be ordered on-line.


A good piece by John Alan Turner on the woman at the well.  This post gives me renewed appreciation for this story.


Andre Agassi’s goodbye remarks.  What a moving moment!


From Wade Hodges, I learned about this link to People Groups.  A very interesting site!  A lot of information could be gathered here about your area.


Did you read the conversation I had with the gentleman in his 20’s called, "God Works in Difficult Places (child of divorce)?"


Short quote from Brennan Manning regarding what causes atheism from Dying Church.  Worth thinking about.  Manning has caused me to think ever since I read his wonderful book, The Ragamuffin Gospel.


Some good comments on procrastination at Seek Him.  I suspect many of us deal with this one.


A nice piece on Security from Bill Williams.  I want to remember that my security is found in Jesus alone.

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One thought on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Yes, Jim, I thought Agassi’s words were very gracious. If I wasn’t a fan of his (but I am) I would become one. What a class act!

    Thanks for the tip-of-the-hat on the security post.