Places I’ve Been

The following are some blogs that I read regularly.  They are in no certain order.  Perhaps one or more of these will be of interest to you.

1.  Jordon Cooper.  Very interesting and unusual links.  I have gained a lot of knowledge about software from this blog as well.

2.  Dee Andrews.  Dee is a good writer and encourager.  A blogger and attorney from South Mississippi.

3.  Wade Tannehill.  Wade is en route to Ohio where he will begin a new ministry with a church there.  A good thinker.

4.  Liam Byrnes.  A seminary student and blogger.  Liam lives in Scotland.  I’ve also learned much about technology from his blog.

5.  Greg England  A great storyteller! When Greg tells a story on his blog, I feel like I have been there.

6.  Terry Rush.  I read Terry for encouragement.  A long time minister who still finds joy in what he is doing.

7.  Frank Bellizzi.  A great scholar with a real heart for ministry.

8.  Mike Cope.  A good thinker and preacher who knows how to point people to Jesus.

9.  Arlene Kasselman.   A Christ-follower who is also a good thinker. 

10. Ben Witherington.  This New Testament scholar is also the author of a very popular blog. 

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12 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. I’m flattered and humbled to be mentioned in your list! You gave several I need to check out. Thanks for sharing the places that encourage you. You and Terry Rush are my morning coffee, since I don’t drink coffee.

  2. CHECK . . .  ME  . . .  OUT!   I’m just ahead of Cope, Arlene, and Ben Witherington.  It’s like I’m on the cover of the Rolling Stone!

  3. Frank–There should probably be a gift, cash, or something that goes with this.  (Coming from me!)  🙂  

  4. John,Just another way of speaking of a person who is trying to "follow" Jesus (Mark 1:17-18).  Or, it is basically the same things as being a "disciple" or learner of Jesus.