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New to the blogging world?  There are blogs that cover every imaginable subject.  There are blogs written from a Christian perspective that range from those that are very personal and may be almost a form of a diary to blogs that are commentaries on various issues.  There are blogs that seem to be written for a very limited audience and those that seem to have a very broad audience in mind.  I read a post or two from many blogs during the week.  I read these blogs for different purposes.  Some blogs I read for inspiration and encouragement.  I read other blogs for information or to help me think about a particular issue.

The following are ten blogs I enjoy reading.  These are NOT necessarily the ten best blogs I read.  I have no such list.  Rather, these are simply ten blogs I read that I think are worth reading.  In a week or two, I will list another ten.


1.  Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight.  A wonderful blog that is both encouraging and thoughtful.  I read this for both perspective and information.  I have discovered a number of authors on this blog.  This blog also helps me learn how to think about a particular issue or concern.  A very encouraging read.  I come here almost daily.


2.  Ben Overby.  Thoughtful.  A wonderful spirit.  Ben has a gracious manner that blesses me.  His church in New York is fortunate.


3.  John Stackhouse.  Just heard John at the Regent College Pastors’ Seminar.  A very good thinker and student of the culture.  Has a breadth of knowledge on many fronts.


4.  L. L. Barkat.  Creative and has a wonderful use of the English language.  L. L. can do so much with few words.  Great photos on her blog.  I look forward to her upcoming book.


5.  William Willimon.  Okay, I’ve been reading Willimon forever.  Most of the time this material has been in the form of articles or books.  Not always predictable.  He makes me think.


6.  John Dobbs.  Does this guy ever have a heart for the broken!  Led a fine relief effort on the Gulf Coast after one of the last hurricanes.  John has a gift for encouraging.


7.  John Frye (author of Jesus the Pastor).  Can John ever tell a story!  The first post I ever read on his blog was a story he retold from the Gospels.  A good thinker.  Has a real heart for ministry. 


8.  Bobby Valentine.  Writes from both head and heart from the Arizona desert.  A great guy!


9.  Out of Ur.  Leadership Journal’s blog.  Very good material.


10.  Lifehacker.  I scroll down the page and usually find something of interest.  For some reason, I keep coming back to this blog.

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2 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Jim, I’m so honored to be among these. Thank you for your kind encouragement. I’m sure you wonder, as I sometimes do, who reads your blog and why… so thanks for the peek into your blog picks.

  2. Jim,
    Like L.L., I’m honored that you read my blog and am deeply encouraged that you find anything in helpful or a means of a bit of blessing from our Father. 
    Every trip to your blog leaves me uplifted to the glory of God!  He uses you to inspire many of us.  Thanks.