Places I’ve Been

Check out these encouraging video clips from John Piper.

Jordon Cooper has cited a nice piece by Leslie Newbiggin entitled "What Pastors Need to be Reading."

Interesting post at Lifehacker entitled "How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?" 

Some very good reflections on preaching by Terry Rush

Carson Reed has written a brief and very good piece on "Sunday Dinners."

John Franke on "What does it mean to be missional?"

Nice quote by John Ortberg on approval seeking. 

Read about the nineteen-year-old who is graduating from the University of Michigan after one year of study.

Here is an interesting story on the non-use of e-mail by a younger generation. 

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3 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. When I went to graduate school at the University of Florida, one of the doctoral students who entered with me was 20 and if I remember right already had a masters degree. She is also a Christian, which is pretty rare in that environment.