Places I’ve Been

John Frye has written a piece that will provoke thought.  He speaks candidly about ministry as many people experience it.  

Read Frank Bellizzi’s post: What Does "The Resurrection of Jesus" Mean?

Check out Steve Addison’s post on PowerPoint and its future.  The first three words of this post are, "Powerpoint is dead."  With a beginning like this, where else can you go?  (I do use PowerPoint by the way.)  🙂 

Scot McKnight has written a very good post useful for all of us who deal with people who are critics of others in the body of Christ.  The post is written in the form of a letter and is very well done.

Tony Miles has some very thoughtful lines on the kiss of Judas.

Read Terry Rush on "A Powerful Hope."

Brian Mashburn has written a post on our tendency to avoid pain.  This makes me nervous because it is so true!  

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