Places I’ve Been

Alister McGrath responds to Richard Dawkins.  (Thanks Liam.)


Free coffee if you catch the robber. 


John Stackhouse writes about the honorarium given to some speakers at some churches. 


A very good reflection by Larry James on people in the city.  Larry has a way of helping me to remember the poor.


Doug Murren on "Ways to re-boot your thinking."


Jeff Jenkins on "The Main Thing and 20 Ways to Carry it Out."  This was a nice piece that was useful in some reflection the other day.


Merlin Mann regarding The Blogging Church.  I was surprised to see this reviewed on 43 Folders.  (This is a website devoted to helping others with personal productivity.)


A nice piece by Carson Reed on a weekend at his church devoted to missions.  Carson is blogging again.  I am thankful.  What he writes is always thoughtful. 

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