Places I’ve Been

The following are some places I’ve been lately: 

Brian Mashburn has written a very good piece on "worry."  I needed to read this one.

Scot McKnight’s article "Five Streams of the Emerging Church" is well worth reading.  This piece was just published in Christianity Today.  You might notice the series he began today reviewing Darryl Tippen’s wonderful book, Pilgrim Heart

Dan Edelen writes about the missing Thai woman who reappears 25 years after boarding the wrong bus. 

John Ortberg’s "Ten Deadly Sins of Preaching" from the National Pastor’s Convention (posted by Skye Jethani) at "Out of Ur."

Frank Bellizzi’s post on J.J.M Robert’s new article in Christian Studies (a publication by the Austin Graduate School of Theology) entitled "The Importance of the Old Testament for the Church."  (Article not available online yet.)

If you have not been there, you might want to check out Richard Mouw’s blog.

Read Skye Jethani’s reflections on a quiet morning listening to Eugene Peterson at the National Pastor’s Convention.

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6 thoughts on “Places I’ve Been

  1. Hi Jim,  Thanks for the heads-up on John Ortberg’s "Ten Deadly Sins of Preaching."  I needed to hear what he had to say.