Most years I am at the Pepperdine Lectures in May. Sometimes I have been there as one of the speakers. Other years, I have been there simply to soak up great messages and presentations.

On Friday of last week, I returned from Pepperdine. Some highlights include:

  • Attending this wonderful event with Charlotte. We enjoyed being together for several days on campus.
  • Visiting with friends such as: Scot and Kris McKnight, Josh Patrick, Sid Dye, Steve and Stephanie Codara, Josh Graves, Rick Atchley, Jon Mullican, Grady King, Jeff Cary, and others who were a part of the Hope Network Partners lunch. I also got to visit with my sister Becky Burroughs.
  • Hearing people such as Shon Smith, Scot McKnight, Don McLaughlin, Josh Graves, and Randy Harris.
  • Being present as two new books were released. I have looked forward to both of these. Lynn Anderson has written a new book on the Psalms, Talking Back to God. Also, former Pepperdine President Bill Banowsky has written a new book entitled: The Malibu Miracle.

I enjoyed seeing people who I only occasionally get to see. These include such people as: Lynn Anderson, Chris Altrock, Bob Clark, Keith Clark, Chris Goldman, Evertt Huffard, Jimmy Adcox, Brandon Baker, Cliff Barbarick, Brad Cox, Ken and Marca Young, Cole Young, Shane Alexander, and others.   

If you are interested in recordings (in a variety of formats) see Pure Logic Video.

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