Pepperdine Bible Lectures

Last week I was at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. This is an annual event held each year on the campus of Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. Thousands gather to hear sermons, classes and panel discussions and for great encouragement. This is also a time during which I see longtime friends as well as make new friends. I spoke three times:Pepperdine.jpeg

  • A class entitled “Compelling Questions That Many Ministers Wish Their Elders Would Ask Them.” (If you are interested in receiving a copy of these questions, leave a comment below with your e-mail address or e-mail me.)
  • A class that I co-taught with Carlus Gupton entitled “Healthy Habits for Vibrant Churches.”
  • The Christian Chronicle luncheon.

You can purchase MP3s, DVDs, and CDs here.

I saw many friends last week. I had the opportunity to visit with some at length and catch up. With others, there was only the opportunity to have a brief exchange.

Some of these included: Lynn and Carolyn Anderson, Carlus Gupton, Jimmy Adcox, Jay Jarboe, Jon Mullican, Grady King, Jeff and Cindy Payne, Ron Deal, Royce and Barbara Hunter, Chris and Kim Goldman, Eddie Sharp, Sid Dye, Josh Patrick, Brad Cox, Charles Kiser, Josh Graves, Jonathan Stormant, Doug Page, Matthew Morine, Charles and Judy Siburt, Collin Packer, Mike Cope, Pat Bills, Ben Wall, Tim Spivey, Doug Peters, Rick Atchley, Dan Bouchelle, Stan Granberg, Cole and Allyson Young, Chris Seidman, Bill Perkins, Lynn and Joy McMillon, Jerry Rushford, Tom Sibley, and Steve and Stephanie Codara.

I also made a number of new friends.

A great week!   

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7 thoughts on “Pepperdine Bible Lectures

  1. It was a great week. I would love to have a copy the questions, and if you have any notes from your talk on Vibrant Churches you would be willing to share I would like to have them as well.
    Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom!

  2. Would love a copy of: “Compelling Questions That Many Ministers Wish Their Elders Would Ask Them.” Thanks!

  3. Thanks for these comments. I am glad to send the questions to you all, along with those who e-mailed me.

  4. Can you email me the questions you spoke of in this post. I have been reading the blog for around a year and appreciate it. I have gotten some good illustrations and thoughts for my life.