Our Own Tsunami

Katrina"Our own Tsunami."  Those are the words of the mayor of Biloxi, Mississippi in describing the damage caused by hurricane Katrina.  What a terrible and tragic storm.  The devastation of New Orleans is unbelievable.  I watched NBC news tonight.  Brian Williams stood on a bridge–unshaven and weary looking, giving us the news.

People woke up to rising water–on their rooftops waiting to be rescued.  The Superdome which which is the place of 5 or 6 super bowls in previous years has been seriously damaged by 145 mph winds.

No phones.  No water.  No sewer.  Hardly any way out of New Orleans.  Fox News reporter Shepherd Smith said that he was standing on a bridge looking at the downtown area when this group of people walked by.  This group of people was emergency management workers.  These people actually answer the 911 calls.  They were told, "Since the city is virtually closed, just go on home."  So they were walking home.  Incredible.

That is just New Orleans.  Meanwhile, over 100 dead in Mississippi.  Alabama also hit hard.   I’m particularly concerned about a regular reader of this blog who lives in Gulfport, Mississippi.

We prayed for the people impacted by this storm.  We need to continue to pray.  We then need to be prepared to respond in some way to help.  And from the way it sounds, there will be opportunities to help for a long time to come.

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