One Fine Event!

SanDiegoI’ve been in San Diego at the National Pastors Convention.  This was an outstanding gathering with good speakers and, this year, very cool weather.  I heard some very good speakers, people I have heard before (William Willimon, Scot McKnight, Bill Hybels, etc.) and a few I heard for the first time.  (By the way, be sure to check out Scot’s outstanding series on his blog based on a very important book, Generation Me.  You can get to this series on his blog here.) 

Thursday afternoon, I enjoyed hearing Paul Young give some background information on his book The Shack.  He also told his own life story.  Oh my!  What a story of pain and sadness.  This especially interests me because this book (week 38 on the New York Times best seller list) has captivated the attention of so many people who are not in churches on Sunday but who nevertheless feel a real connection with this book and its message.

I enjoyed a good visit with my friend Scot McKnight.  I continue to appreciate his teaching, blog, and friendship.   I also had the opportunity to visit with  Tim Spivey whom I met for the first time.  It was good to visit with Skye Jethani for a few minutes after his class.  We had crossed paths by e-mail but had never met before.  I also saw a few other people I had not anticipated seeing.

You may be interested in ordering Mp3 downloads or CDs of these talks.  You can do so by visting this site.

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