On Being a Student of Jesus

QuestionsToday, I’ve been thinking about some of the important questions that serious Christ-followers ought to be asking.  Maybe I’m thinking about some of these questions because they help me "re-frame" what I am doing in my ministry.  Maybe I am thinking about some of these questions because I fear that at times, my life is on "automatic". 

I want to be faithful to the things that matter to Jesus.  Far too often I find that I am focused on other agendas.  And–I don’t think that enough of us are really getting intentional about following Jesus.  We hear what he says but then conclude that his teachings are impractical or impossible.  Furthermore, the institutional church often has other, more pressing agenda at hand (while we give the obligatory nod to Jesus).  "Of course we love Jesus and want to obey him, but what about that problem…"

What if families, elders, ministers, groups of Christians seriously began to ask the following questions of the Lord:

1.  Jesus, what do you want us (or me) to do now?  (and then we proceed to do it!)

2.  Jesus, what do you want us to be talking about in this gathering?

3.  Jesus, how do we apply the word of God (perhaps what we heard in a Sunday morning message) to our lives?

4.  Jesus, we confess that we are often fearful.  Would you give us the courage to do what you want instead of what is most comfortable for us?

We might discover the adventure of following Jesus.

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One thought on “On Being a Student of Jesus

  1. Great thoughts, Jim. We mostly do what we like to do and what we want to do. One reason we do not seek God’s will openly is because He might ask us to do something we do not want to do. Ignorance is bliss? I suffer from this at times.