No Ordinary High School Basketball Game

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This story has been replayed over and over on ESPN all week.  Yet, the clips below are even better.  It is the wonderful, feel-good story of Jason McElwain, an autistic young man, playing his first and final game at Athena High School in Rochester, New York.  See the description below and then watch this fine story.  Thanks to Bob Schaffer of CBS for a very fine piece. (Broadcast on CBS Evening News, February 23, 2006).  The following paragraph is from the site where you can find this newscast:


CBS ran an incredibly powerful story tonight that brings you to your feet and just keeps on giving each and every minute into it. Jason McElwain, an autistic high school basketball team member in Rochester NY, served as the team manager and spirit coach for several years. On the final game of the season the coach let him finally put on a uniform with the rest of the team. Watch what happens then…


See this wonderful story here.


You can also see another clip from a local newscast (K-ROC TV) in Rochester, New York.  See it here.

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