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blue_steamy_cup.jpgIn a matter of days, I am going to be writing a series of posts on "Getting Ready for a New Year."  I am not sure what the title will be but I suppose that will come.  I do see this time of the year as an important window for many people.  Many people move through the Christmas season and then into the New Year and in the process become very open to making needed changes.  I happen to be one of those people.  (I really don’t have in mind "New Year’s resolutions" though I am not knocking these.  I am thinking more about something that is more comprehensive.)

I plan to do these reflections because the process of thinking and writing is very helpful to me as I think about my own life and the upcoming year.  Perhaps this series will be helpful to you as well.

Before the series begins, I am interested in knowing if there is one particular area of your life in which you really want to think about as the New Year approaches.

Do you already have in mind one particular area of life in which you need to give some serious thought and reflection before you begin a new year?  Is there one area of life in particular in which you would like to change as you get ready for a new year?

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13 thoughts on “New Upcoming Series

  1. I would like to be a kinder, gentler person.  Especially as it relates to those I consider the difficult people in my life.

  2. One area for me would be in the area of loving others and keeping it within good healthy boundaries. I have a hard time setting boundaries with people and end up getting hurt or hurting others.
    Another area is always spiritual. I want to continue to grow spiritually and always enjoy looking back over my year to see where I was and where I am now. It’s a very reflective time of year for me. I am looking forward to your posts on the new year.
    God bless!

  3. It seems that God works in very mysterious ways. Odd events that seem totally unrelated somehow combine into a moment of clarity. God has demonstrated to me in the past few days that I, like everyone else, have serious control issues. Every time I have one of these epiphanies it’s always closely followed up by some sort of act of grace and I realize I’ll be alright. I’ll always have control issues, but because Jesus is there everything will be alright.

  4. I agree with Jane that prayer is something we could all do better. I would add to that personal bible study. It is important that we have a good diet of both if we are going to be spiritually healthy. Thanks, Michael

  5. Jim, Another idea for your series. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how little time I ever spend confessing my sin: To God or to other people. Speaking for myself I know I need to study this and meditate on it. Might be good to work into your series! Thanks, Mike

  6. Hi Dana,Thanks very much for your remarks.  Two very significant areas.  Relationships and your own desire to go.I typically do  a lot of reflection during this time of the year as well.Please comment again as the series gets underway. 

  7. Chris,These control issues are amazing aren’t they?  (I can relate)I was with a friend at lunch yesterday.  I asked him this question, "How come some people seem to always want to make a change in some of the details of your work or life?  Why is it that some people can’t ever seem to just say, ‘This is great! Wonderful."  My friend’s answer?  "Jim, I think it is control.  They do not want to lose their sense of control."Interesting. 

  8. How I spend my money and my time.  I brought food to my 95 year old great aunt last weekend, who lives alone in her house and has become a "shut in," especially during the winter months.  I want to do more of that.  This Christmas I bought one gift for a person in need, while my teenagers are getting loaded on with new clothes, video games, and dvd’s.  I don’t like that equation. 
    Thanks for another thought-provoker.