Nashville — Zoe Conference

I just returned from the Zoe Leadership Conference in Nashville.  This was a wonderful conference offering a number of very fine classes.  One class that I especially enjoyed dealt with "Spiritual Direction" and was led by Gary Hollaway of David Lipscomb University and Jackie Halstead of Abilene Christian University.  


The featured speaker this year was Scot McKnight.  It was great to hear some very fine presentations by Scot (Fearless Faith Looks; Fearless Faith Receives; Fearless Faith Loves; Fearless Faith Works).  These messages came out of the book of James.  These are available on CD and may be purchased through the Knight Media Group.  Their e-mail address is:


I also enjoyed spending some time with Scot and Kris McKnight this weekend.  This was the first time I visited with Kris, and I enjoyed hearing about her work.  What a fine couple!  I continue to appreciate Scot for his writing, through both his books and his blog, Jesus Creed.  I also appreciate him for the combination of his scholarship with his ability to be down to earth.  More than once at this conference, I heard people comment on his ability to connect with people.   

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