My Favorite Moments

orange.jpgDo you have favorite moments?  Are there moments you look forward to and enjoy?  Or, are there memories you have of special moments?  I’m not talking about Super Bowl moments or once-in-a-lifetime vacation moments.  I am referring to moments that may seem ordinary but are actually very special.


Some of my favorite moments?


1.  When I come home at the end of a day.  I look forward to seeing my wife and then being at home with her.  At the end of a busy, stressful day, I like to go home and leave it all behind—or most of it anyway.  There is something I enjoy about finally closing the door at the end of a long day.


2.  When I get to see my children.  Tonight, our oldest daughter, Christine, will fly into Austin from Nashville and stay with us for a few days.  Charlotte and I will go to the airport and wait for the first sight of her as she gets off her plane.  It will be great!  Last weekend, our daughter Jamie came home from Oklahoma City.  It was a wonderful weekend as well.  I love these moments.


(When my children were small, one of my favorite moments was coming home at the end of the day.  I would open the door, step into the house and immediately hear the words, "Daddy, Daddy!  Daddy’s home!" as these little bodies would come running across the room.) 


3.  When I get to enjoy good friends.  That may be at lunch.  That may be an evening at dinner.  It may be seeing long time friends at a wedding in Abilene (last weekend).  Or, it may be at someone’s house when we go back to Alabama for Christmas. 


4.  When I see people who have experienced a tough life wanting to follow Jesus.  Last Sunday, I stood before our church and for a moment, I saw many, many people who have really had a tough life.  I noticed people who had experienced the following:


  • Disappointment. 
  • Cancer. 
  • Divorce.
  • Difficulties with children. 
  • Financial difficulties. 
  • Job loss.
  • Prison. 

I have always had a heart for people who have experienced a difficult time in life and yet who want to follow Jesus.  I have always been drawn to people who have made a lot of mistakes in life — people whose life has been spotted with much failure.  These people help remind me of how lavish God’s grace really is.


5.  When I witness the church acting like the church.  Last Sunday, a woman visited our assembly alone.  She has not lived in this area very long.  Near where she was sitting was another woman who had also come alone.   She went to where the other woman was sitting (just before the Lord’s Supper) and sat with her for the remainder of the service.  Neither one knew the other.  Then, the woman invited this new person to lunch where she met a number of people.  All of that meant a great deal to this guest.  (She told me yesterday.)


You probably have favorite moments as well.  These are a few that mean something to me.  For these, I am thankful.


Some of your favorite moments? 


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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Moments

  1. Jim, I identify with much of what you say here. I really enjoy to some extent every part of the day, except afternoons, when I am really wiped out, and looking forward to the end of the day. Then getting home to see my wife. And get rested up.
    I too appreciate Christians who are trying to follow Christ in the midst of struggle, trial and disappointment. I’ve been there, and so can id with them firsthand. Thanks for helping us think on these good things.

  2. Definitely seeing the kids! Coming home to my wife at the end of each day. Finally figuring out a song on the guitar or keyboard that has had me stumped. Paying off my Guitar Center credit card! A good meal with good friends. A praise band rehearsal that ends with us still liking each other. Atlanta Braves making it into and through the post season. (Okay, so I threw in a dream, but it would be a favorite were it to ever happen again. And while I’m dreaming, for Alabama to actually be a football powerhouse again.)

  3. Coming home to my wife is one of the highpoints of my day.  I get to pick up the girls everyday at the bus stop and that is a great moment.  When Pamella and I get to go on a date … definitely a favorite moment.  I cannot think any anything much better than these.
    Bobby Valentine

  4. I love the peaceful quiet after kissing the kids good night and sending them off to bed.  I catch their infectious belief that all is right with the world. 

  5. Thanks to all of you for what you expressed.  Your comments reminded me of other very special moments.  I am very grateful for these as well.

  6. I love Saturday mornings with my little family.  The kids are fresh and happy.  Cute in their little pajamas.  We get to enjoy a leisurely breakfast together.
    I also enjoy sunset.  Knowing that the day is coming to a close.  Everything always looks prettier to me with the "glow" of sunset.  I am always reminded of what an incredible God we have during these times.
    Bryon says that his favorite time of the day is when he opens the door and Mary Elizabeth comes squealing to meet him saying, "My Daddy’s Home!"  What a welcome!

  7. I love every evening when I tuck my kids, who are now 10 and 13, into bed.  We say prayers and sing a song, generally Jesus Loves Me, every night.  We have done this every night since they were born.   I also love those Saturday mornings when I get up early and I am by myself in the quiet drinking my coffee and peeking in on the kids while they sleep.  God is so good!

  8. Thanks for this great reminder.  I get so stressed out with life sometimes, that I only look at the half empty glass.  This has been a great reminder of the blessings God has lavished on my life in the little things.  I get thrilled when I first see my daughter when I pick her up from school (she looks more and more like her mother).  I too love spending time talking to my wife each night.  I am so thankful for encouraging friends who stop by just to be encouraging. Let me also say the sunrise and sunsets in Miami are spectacular (thanks God).  Lastly, I am also looking forward to seeing an Alabama team be a powerhouse again.  I went to homecoming last weekend an saw good friends.  Boy they’re all older and a lot heavier.  I guess I am too.  That’s all good.  Thanks again.