More Odds and Ends


And now to wrap up some odds and ends that I began with the last post. 

Some might enjoy reading the essay by Gailyn VanReenan entitled "Imaging Christ’s Church in the City."  A powerful piece. (I learned of this link on Mike Cope’s blog.)  Take a look at the cartoon from Nairobi.  That alone could launch some serious discussion.

Lynn Anderson’s message "200 Years and Counting" is a good read.  This was presented at the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery held in Lexington, Ky. in June of this year.

David Brooks in the New York Times this week wrote an op-ed piece on Dr. John Stott.  Stott has been a powerful defender of Christianity in our culture for many years.  This is a good piece.

I recently discovered a new blog entitled "Get Religion." This blog is written by veteran journalists Terry Mantingly and Douglas LeBlanc.  They write concerning the place of faith in this culture.  You might find their blog to be very interesting–agree or disagree.

Finally, I just read an interesting article entitled, "How Do the Unchurched View Us?"
  Pretty surprising!

Enough of this…

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