More Fear

Fear_2I’m still thinking about fear.  Not fear of terrorists.  Not fear of a collapse in ones health.  Not fear of stepping on a snake on a hot summer evening.

No, I’m still thinking about fear in the life of the body of Christ.  Suppose we were to all get together (as a church) and have 10 minutes of total honesty.  What would we hear?

Man #1– "I really don’t like being here.  I come because I would feel guilty if I didn’t.  After all, I want the kids to go."

Woman #1– "I am struggling with depression.  My husband (who is a member of this church) talks to me in such a demeaning way.  The other night he called me a _________.  This morning he has been asked to pass out the Lord’s Supper.  It’s hard to worship today."

Church Leader #1–  "I’m tired of putting a positive spin on these situations.  The truth is, I’m tired and I don’t know what to say or do.  I wish that everyone would pray for me today."

Woman #2–  "I slept with this guy at work again last week.  I can’t believe I did this.  I am so confused."

Man #2–  "People here really don’t know me.  I put on a good front.  I’m the really nice guy who is always "fine".  The truth is, "I’m NOT FINE!!"  I have no friends.  Not a real friend who seems to really care about how I am doing."

Church Leader #2–  "I love these people.  I do get so tired of hearing some of them complain.  At times, I can sense my confidence really eroding.  What concerns me most is that I am losing the dreams that I used to have for the church.  I don’t want to be paralyzed by the expectation’s of others.  Yet, I’m not sure how to get away from this fear that I feel.  Please pray for me."

Man #3–  "Why do I keep watching this pornography?  I’ve been doing it for years.  How do I stop?  How do I want to stop?"

OK–I’ll stop.  No I’m not suggesting that we need to get together and just pour all of this out.  What I am saying is that the reality of our lives are often quite different than what we are projecting (or trying to project). 

I am very confident of this:  Jesus can take a group of people (like us) and turn our fear, our sin, and our hurt into something redemptive.  We begin by moving toward him with the reality of our lives.  We confess to him the way we really are.

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One thought on “More Fear

  1. This is so true. Sometimes I find it hard to even come to church because I feel like everyone is so fake. Most people act like their lives are perfect, and it makes you feel that you have to act the same way. I feel like it is Satan that keeps us from being “REAL” with each other. Its hard but I think all churches face this problem.