Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)Personal Organization

You might enjoy “12 Habits of Perfectly Organized People.”  By no means am I “perfectly organized.”  However, I did find this article thought provoking as I thought about my own productivity.


From Harvard Business School, “Why Leaders Need Great Books.”  Also see “Truth in Fiction” regarding the usefulness of fiction for leaders.

Spiritual Formation

See Pete Scazzero’s post “Leading Out of Learned Silence.”  Helpful.  This means a lot as the author is engaged in congregational ministry.


See “20% of Non-Christians Do Not Know a Christian!”  by Mark Woodward.

Great Story

This a great story that went viral recently:  “Dairy Queen worker’s good deed goes viral.”  This is refreshing.


Two weeks ago, I went to Croatia for the funeral of Mladen Jovanovic.  Croatian state television did this story on his funeral.

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