Monday Start: Resources for the Week


Jeff Goins has written a fine post “How to Stop Sounding Stupid and Write Like a Pro.”  I read Jeff’s blog regularly and find him very helpful and inspirational.


Jeremy Bouma has reviewed Craig Blomberg’s book “Christians in an Age of Wealth.”  This looks to be an interesting book by this well respected New Testament scholar.


Kevin Youngblood’s (Harding University Bible professor – Searcy) commentary on Jonah is reviewed in Koinonia.  Also included is a video clip of Youngblood.


Don’t miss this essay by John Stackhouse (Regent College, Vancouver, B.C.) in which he challenges all of us to reflect on what we are preaching.  See “Preaching that Avoids the Scandal…and the Centre.”

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2 thoughts on “Monday Start: Resources for the Week

  1. Thanks for list. Do you listen to any podcasts? I find podcasts very helpful. I have followed speakers such as Randy Harris of ACU, and Monte Cox of HU. Any suggestions? I am looking for guys talking about spiritual formation.

  2. Andrew, yes. I don’t listen to anyone consistently. Some I listen to at times included: John Dickson, Tim Keller, James Bryan Smith. I do not know of more than a few who consistently deal with spiritual formation.