Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

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Need Energy?

Michael Hyatt – “3 Actions You Can Take Now to Shift Your Emotional State” (Some very practical suggestions.)

Looking for thoughtful resources?

Ben Witherington – “E. Stanley Jones Devotional Resource

Peter Scazzero – “Gordon MacDonald – Wisdom After 50 Years of Godly Leadership

Steve Baker – “Life Rules . . . Past and Present” (Edward Benson’s rules of life as cited in J. Oswald Sanders’ book, Spiritual Leadership.)

Darryl Dash – “A Minister May Draw the Bow But God Will Direct the Arrow” (A great quote from Charles Simeon.)

Focusing on writing?

Read Jeff Goins. He is a very good writer and student of writing. I gain much from his blog and am a regular reader.

Odds and Ends

Ed Stetzer did a recent Twitter poll in which he asked this question: “What book have you recently read that made an impact on you and why?” You might find the results interesting. You can find them here.

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