Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

Do you have a dream?


This may be one of the best posts Jeff Goins has written: “When You’re Scared to Death, Do Something Anyway.” I really enjoy reading Jeff’s posts. You might enjoy this great interview with Jeff Goins.

Pictures of the day

You might enjoy these pictures from The Telegraph (UK). I especially like the first one.

Do you read fiction?

I confess. I read very little fiction. I am wondering if I should not be reading more. See this post from Scot McKnight.

What they are thinking

You might be interested in this chart from Scot McKnight’s blog entitled “What Young Adults Care About.”

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4 thoughts on “Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

  1. Did I miss something on the Leonard Sweet link? I keep getting the Seedbed site, but I don’t see anything there by him.

    • Hi Pat, I checked this and for some reason this video has been removed from the site. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I don’t read a lot of fiction, but the McKnight article is turning my wheels a little now! (I think it can apply to women too (: )