Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start_button_greenIn this series, I share with readers resources (articles, books, reviews, etc).  I do not attempt to list everything that I read or skim.  The following might be helpful, insightful, interesting, or at least worth a glance.


I read this piece a few days ago and am still reflecting on this.  “Colorado Teacher Shares Heart Breaking Notes From Third Graders.”  Each note begins with the phrase “I wish my teacher knew.”  I wonder what others might say regarding some of the significant people in their lives.  For example:

Children – “I wish my mother/daddy knew…”

Church members – “I wish my preacher knew…”

A spouse – “I wish my husband/wife knew…”


See “11 of America’s Most Spectacular Libraries.”  Wow!


You might read “On Jordan Spieth’s Bag: Part Caddie, Part Teacher and Encourager.”  Part of the inspiring story of the 2015 Master’s champion. (New York Times)

The Narcissist

Alice Walton has written an interesting piece entitled: “Can You Spot a Narcissist?  It’s Not As Easy As You Think, Study Finds.”  (Forbes)

David Brooks

Maria Popova has written a review of David Brook’s book The Road to Character.  See “The Art of Stumbling: David Brooks on Character. . .”  (I appreciate Maria Popova’s blog and find that she often offers a “nugget” that is worth my thinking or further reading.)


See Shane Parish’s post “Saying No: How Successful People Stay Productive.”  Notice the emphasis in this post on scheduling.  This post is very much in line with Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. For many of us, the issue is determining what things ought to be done and what things do we need to say “no” to.


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