Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start_button_gifThe following are eight of my favorite podcasts.  (None of these are sermon podcasts.  I do listen to sermon podcasts but do not listen to any one preacher regularly.)

1.  Beyond the To Do List (Erik Fischer).  Interview format.  Practical and often provides me with a few ideas for improving the way I work.

2.  The Exchange (Ed Stetzer).  Conversation with various guests each week.  Stetzer asks these guests very good questions related to faith, ministry, etc.

3.  Pray-as-you-go.  A daily podcast that is often very helpful to me as I begin my day.

4.  Read to Lead Podcast (John Dumas).  Interview format.  Typically interviews authors of books related to leadership, productivity, etc.

5.  Unbelievable?  Typically this podcast is a discussion between two thinkers regarding some aspect of faith.

6.  This is Your Life (Michael Hyatt).  This helpful podcast is about leadership, productivity, and social media.  Very helpful.

7.  The Emotionally Healthy Leader (Peter Scazzero).  A podcast that says much about systems as well as the spiritual disciplines.

8.  The Portfolio Life (Jeff Goins).  Good material regarding writing and productivity.

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