Monday Start: Resources for the Week


For several years I used Trello, which is a very fine organizational tool.  However, I have recently began using Nozbe.  The switch wasn’t because of any dissatisfaction with Trello.  Rather, Nozbe is a tool which complements what I have gained from David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  It also integrates nicely with Evernote.


Justin Zoradi has written an excellent post “9 Important Tips for Sometimes Writers.”  (Guest written for Donald Miller’s blog.)  This piece has a number of great practical suggestions.  Also see “8 Great Writing Hacks Every Creative Writer and Blogger Should Know” by Ivan Dimitrijevic.

Deception and Brokenness

A sad story of broken humanity and sin.  See this piece which recently appeared in the Dallas News:  “The Rise and Fall of a North Texas Con Man.”


When a Little Girl with Down’s Syndrome Showed What’s ‘Possible‘” by Amy Julia Becker.


I just finished reading The Truth Shall Make You Odd by Frank G. Honeycutt.  (A book of reflections on ministry and integrity.)  Presently, I am reading Rookie Smarts by Liz Wildman and Chuck DeGroat’s “toughest people to love.”





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