Monday Start: Resources for the Week

Start_button_large.pngThis is funny

See this “Tonight Show” gas station prank!  (I would have loved to have seen this live.)


10 Videos that Inspired Us in 2012”  With so much negative, discouraging news, I appreciate any kind of inspiration like this.


David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw in a very brief video talk about the books they read.  See also Joe Lalonde’s piece “6 Books Leaders Should Read By the End Of The Year.”


Thom Rainer consistently offers good content on his blog.  “Five Reasons Your Pastor Won’t Ask For a Raise.”


You might enjoy a guest post that I wrote for Dan Bouchelle.  “Why I Still Preach.”

Brain Pickings

I love a series like this.  “The Daily Routines of Famous Writers.”





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