Monday Start: Resources for the Week

Start2Hopefully, you had a great Thanksgiving.  We were able to be with family in Dallas on Thanksgiving day. We also visited with two of our grandchildren and our daughter and son-in-law.  I really enjoyed holding little Lincoln and wrestling with Brody.

1.  This past week I have been reading The Truth Shall Make You Odd by Frank G. Honeycutt.  I read several chapters from this book a few years ago and am now reading the entire book.  Very insightful and helpful for reflecting on one’s ministry.

2.  See “How to Make To-Do Lists Better, Faster, and More Fun” by Stephanie Vozza.  Helpful.

3.  Whether you like poetry or not, don’t miss L. L. Barkat’s piece from the Huffington Post10 Great Titles for the Poet’s Wish List.”  I have gained a real appreciation for poetry because of L. L. Barkat and her writing.

4.  You might find valuable the article “How to Give a Stellar Presentation” which appeared recently in the Harvard Review.

5.  See the piece by Maria Popova “C. S. Lewis on Why We Read.”


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