Monday Start: Resources for the Week


Rachelle Gardner has written a good post “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?”  This made me think!


See Lifehacker’s “Five Best Mindmapping Tools.”  The tool I use, Mindmeister, made the honorable mention list.  This is an interesting list. The one that caught my attention in the list is Coogle.  It is free and seems easy to use.


From Copyblogger see “5 Writing Links You’ll Be Glad You Clicked.”

A sad and wasted life

Sobering article about Allen Iverson’s life after basketball.  See “Allen Iverson, NBA Icon, struggles with life after basketball.”

Good reminder for the week

Here is a nice quote on the value of laughter.  “Quote of the Day: How to Have an Instant Vacation.”


This is a fine post by George Ambler, “Busy is Killing Leadership.”

What is busyness? Simply put, busyness is a when we have a lot of work. It’s the drug of the 21st century. Busyness happens when we react to what’s in front of us, without stopping to consider if it matters or not.

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