Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start_button_gif (1)What kind of coach are you?

Start the week by reading this very good post. Michael Hyatt recently wrote an excellent post entitled: “A Tale of Two Coaches: What Kind Are You?”

The new religion

Insightful piece about culture and faith today: “Relationships are the new religion for many.” (Thanks to Scott Meyer for this.)


See these articles by Charles Stone: “Pastors Who Lack Close Friends: 4 reasons why” and “Pastors who Suffer from Relational Anorexia.”


Take a look at this post regarding the book Fatherless Generation by John Sowers.  (I need to read this!)


I am in so many situations where I take notes.  You may find this recent article in The Atlantic online helpful.

Don’t miss these!

Don’t miss these two excellent posts on preaching.  Pat Bills has written a fine post in which he reflects on why he loves preaching.  Jonathan Storment has written this post: “What is Great About Preaching.”  Both are excellent.


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