Monday Start: Resources for the Week


I find John Stackhouse to be helpful when thinking about tough issues.  Stackhouse has taught at Regent College for a number of years.  You can find a list of his books here, as well as some audio/video resources.

Healthy Self-Examination

Peter Scazzero has written a good post: “You Know You Need a Sabbath When

Church Health

See Margaret Marcuson’sNine Indicators of a Healthy Congregation.”  Margaret writes from a Systems perspective.  Her blog is very helpful and consistently has very good posts.


Check out this very nice colorful info graphic “Pixar’s 20 + Rules On Storytelling for Teachers and Students.”  Also see “5 Awesome Info graphics on English Language.”


An interesting post for anyone interested in writing.  “Why these famous authors write — and why you should.”

Rome and Latin America

Peggy Noonan has written a very fine article reflecting on the election of the new Pope.

What Went Viral

See “Apparently This Matters: Mississippi man’s obituary.”  You can find the obituary here. 


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