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Note from Presentation Zen: “10 tips for improving your presentations and speeches.”  Very helpful.


Norvel Young, the former Chancellor and President of Pepperdine University had a way of bringing joy and energy to a room.  Recently I was re-reading a portion of a biography about Young entitled Forever Young by Bill Henegar and Jerry Rushford.  The authors quote Young as saying, “I stand on tiptoe looking forward to what God will do in my life in the years ahead.”  I really like this.

Far too many people look backward instead of forward.  Of course, it is fine to look back with thankfulness.  It is fine to look back to learn and appreciate.  Many people, however, look back with a nostalgia seems to view one’s best days of life as having already occurred.   Yet, as believer, while we appreciate and learn from our past, we are called to lean into the future by our faith in God.


See “How to Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone.”


Do you read Books and Culture?  (I read the print edition.)  This publication really helps me stay abreast of many books I would otherwise miss.

Harding School of Theology

Saturday evening, HST hosted its annual dinner honoring the 50 year existence of this wonderful theological library.  For many years Don Meredith has served as the librarian, along with Bob Turner and Sheila Owen.  This was a night to honor the wonderful contribution this library has made for many years and today continues to serve many students, ministers, and many others.


You might enjoy a recent presentation I made at the Harding Lectures.  “A Return to Leadership.”


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