Monday Start: Resources for the Week

Start2Work Life

This is a great series!  “How I Work” (see archives in the right column of the screen).  Very interesting to see how we work so differently.

How to Get a Day’s Work Done in 2 Hours.”  This is a helpful podcast from Ray Edwards.  Some very practical suggestions for approaching the workday.


Preaching to Unbelief” by Stan Granberg.  A very good reminder for any preacher or church leader. 


This is an interesting article.  “Why You Never Truly Leave High School” (New York) by Jennifer Senior.

Digital Age

Yesterday, there were two interesting stories on NPR’s Weekend Edition that were about the digital culture and the family.  You might want to look at “When Social Media and Romance Mix, It’s Complicated” and “‘We Need To Talk’: Missed Connections with Hyper-Connectivity.”  You might also look at “Raising Personable Children, Even If They’re Glued to Phones.”


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