Monday Start: Resources for the Week

start (1)Preaching to Unbelief

See this thoughtful post by Stan Granberg, “Preaching to Unbelief.”

Movies and Faith

This is an interesting piece from the Huffington Post by Brent Plate.  See “Religion at the Academy Awards.”


Lately I have been listening to some of Ray Edwards’ podcasts.  See this article “My Productivity Tweaks for 2013” where he reflects on his own productivity as the new year begins.


The number of US military veterans who commit suicide is alarming.  This is much higher than the VA’s 2007 estimate.

Where I Work

You might enjoy this.  Pictures are posted here featuring the work spaces of others.

A Brief Interview

Check out this brief interview with Jon Acuff.  His responses to two questions are worth reading and thinking about.

A Longer Interview

Now you may want to check out this longer interview with Seth Godin.  He is always interesting.


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