Monday Start: Resources for the Week


This post received 580 comments!   See Rachel Gardner on “Writing a One Sentence Summary.” A very good post for anyone who attempts to write.

Hero of the year

I like this!  CNN has posted their nominees for “Hero of the year.”  These stories are inspiring and encouraging.

Hesitant to throw anything away?

See this piece from The New York Times.  Jane Brody has written a fine post, “It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to All that Stuff.  (I needed to read this!)  I put a link here last week.  You may have missed it.  Here it is again.

Preparing presentations?

If you make presentations (talks, messages, classes, sermons, and any other presentation before a group), I encourage you to visit Nancy Duarte’s website as well as Victoria Labalme’s website. Some very helpful and practical material here.  I have read two of Duarte’s books, slide-ology and Resonate.  Both of these books are good and were very helpful in helping me think through the creation of a presentation.  Her most recent Ted talk is “The secret structure of great talks.”

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