Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

Wrong way run!  (Hope your week started better than this)

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Don’t miss this great post by Seth Godin

This short post entitled “Most People” made me think.  A reminder not to measure ourselves by what we perceive most people to be doing.

I will listen to this podcast again.

How to Become a Happy Person Others Want to Be Around (podcast).  This is an important podcast by Michael Hyatt and one that could be helpful to many.  I once heard a guy complain because no one seemed to care to listen to his ideas.  He perceived that his ideas were too progressive for his friends and fellow students.  Years later, it occurred to me that it was not his ideas that his friends rejected by his attitude.  He complained constantly and had a very cynical attitude.  His ideas may have been good.  However, his attitude became a barrier between his friends and those ideas.

Tim Keller’s New Book

Go here for the table of contents and introduction to Tim Keller’s new book Center Church.

Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed.

Don’t miss this very good post by Jeff Cook on Jesus and desire.  Jeff’s post is thoughtful and worthy of serious attention.

The quarterback with one leg.

Wow!  Be sure to check out “The Amputee QB

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