Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

The following are some resources for the week that you might enjoy.  These are links to posts, articles, etc. that in some way caused me to think.  Maybe you will find some of these useful as well.


A Tiny Life Ends in South Sudan.  I read this piece in the New York Times recently.  Very sobering. This a stark reminder of the impact of disease and poverty on families in South Sudan (and so many other places).  Periodically, I have to read articles like this to bring perspective to my life and work.


Peter Scazzero has written a good post.  Summer Reading Picks 2012.  I appreciate lists like this.


What a great piece!  How to Miss the Point: A Guide to Dimwitted Discourse. (Originally seen on Scot McKnight’s blog.)


Have you ever worked with someone who constantly attempted to micromanage you?  You might find Michael Hyatt’s post “How to Manage a Micromanager” useful.


Paul Tripp has written a new book entitled Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry.  I have not read the book but did enjoy the brief video promo that you can find here.  This sounds very interesting.

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