Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

The following are some of the posts that I read within the past week. Hopefully you will find a post or two in this list that you find useful.

Working in coffee shops

Wade Hodges recently moved from Austin to Dallas. He has written three fine posts on his experiences in working in a coffee shop. These are great! See: “In Search of a Good Coffee Shop,” “Five Lessons I’ve Learned from Working in Coffee Houses” and “My Coffee Shop Nemesis“.

Learning to face fear

Former FBI agent, LaRae Quy reflects on learning to face your fears. It was helpful to read through her steps.

For parents

You might find “Supernatural Parenting” encouraging. Wisdom from a pediatrician (Thanks to Scot McKnight)

For church leaders

John Frye’s recent posts regarding pastoral ministry have been outstanding! Don’t miss John’s most recent post which was posted on Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight’s blog. You can find John’s blog here.

Don’t miss Andy Rowell’s post on the practical nature of ecclesiology.

Thinking about God

See this excellent post by Jeff Cook, “Could Believing in God Harm Your Soul“?

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3 thoughts on “Monday Start (Resources for the Week)

  1. Greetings Jim

    The article that stirred my soul is Supernatural Parenting. Oh how I wish we had this article when our children were young, portions of it would have been taped to my mirror, on the refrigerator and in my wallet.

    I have posted your site on my facebook and twitter pages. Just want to thank you for your work and sharing.

    In Christ


  2. Walter, thanks so much for the encouraging note. Glad the article was encouraging and stimulating to you.

    I appreciate the shout out regarding the blog on your FB and twitter pages.

    Thanks so much,