Monday Resources

The following are articles/books that I have recently read.  Some of these are podcasts that I have listened to.  You might find these interesting or helpful in some way.  As you might have guessed, I am simply sharing some interesting resources.  These are not necessarily recommendations or endorsements.


Recently, while traveling I finished Jack Deere’s new book Even in Our Darkness.  This is an autobiographical account of this minister, author, former professor that is honest and transparent.

Also just finished Grace and Peace written by friends and colleagues of David Worley of Austin.  I didn’t know David well but did have a few lengthy conversations with him in the last few years.  So impressed with his heart and his generosity.


Recently in a Wednesday evening class, I saw video presentations by Dr. Monte Cox based on his new book Significant Others.  The videos and book are all about understanding our non-Christian neighbors.  I was so impressed with the content and the tone of these videos.  You can find them here.


I try to keep up with a variety of podcasts.  Each week, I will listen to a few of these.  (Usually while in the car.)  Recently I listened to podcast from Akimbo (Seth Godin), Amanpour (CNN’s Christiana Amanpour), The Faith Angle (Jonathan Merritt and Kirsten Powers), and Kingdom Roots (Scot McKnight).

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