Places I’ve Been…

A variety of people read this blog.  Some people are from the church where I serve.  Some are in our community.  There are many people who I have never met.  Some are stay at home moms.  Others are in the marketplace.  Some are in academia.  Still others are ministers/pastors/church leaders etc. 


Several times each month, I plan to list a few places I’ve been with the links that will get you there.  What  will be of interest to some will not be of interest to others.


The following are a few places I’ve been recently:


  1. Mike Cope wrote a very fine series on handling the Bible.  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

     2.  Scot McKnight is in the middle of a fine series on I Peter.  This is just one example of one of his posts in this ongoing series.  I always enjoy his posts.  He makes me think.


     3.  I was introduced to Shannon Woodward’s blog this week, Windscraps.  What a fine writer!  I look forward to reading some of her past posts on "writing."


     4.  A great couple of lines on accepting criticism at Tom


     5.  I read a very interesting piece on Internet adultery in the Washingtonian and a piece in Relevant Magazine on line on eating disorders.


     6.  Leadership Journal’s blog Out of Ur is a good read.  I recently read a post which was a summary of one of the presentations at the National Pastor’s Conference.  I was at the conference but did not hear some of the speakers discussed on the blog.  (See the right hand bar of the Out of Ur blog).


     7.  From Off the Map the story of the atheist hired off E-Bay to visit churches and to write his impressions.  Interesting.


     8.  March madness is here!  I like this month.  Basketball non-stop.  I did see this story last week at  Basketball "factories" exploiting the name of Christ.


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