Monday Morning and Life at Street Level

Life at street level is often difficult. Sometimes, it is very difficult.sunrise3.jpg

It is Monday, the beginning of a new week, but you may feel no optimism nor sense of anticipation about the week. Instead you feel a heaviness as you think about a particular problem in your life.

You may be single.   

You may be a young mother.

You may be a minister.

You may be a business person.

The roles and experiences may differ, but so often we share very similar feelings. You may know what it is to wake up early in the morning (maybe too early) and feel:

Disappointed–The job just hasn’t worked out. You really thought this was the right job and now you just aren’t sure.

Embarrassed–You can’t believe some of the recent decisions your child (married and in his late 20s) has made. You wonder at times where you failed as a parent.

Anxious–You realize you are completely over your head in dealing with a particular problem. You feel as if you have no options.

Sad–You grieve over recent losses. A death in the family. Close friends divorce. You lose your job. Now you are having some health problems.

Alone–You are not sure what to do about your marriage. You haven’t told anyone about the situation you are dealing with.

On one occasion, I woke up very early one morning. I remember being overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness. At the moment, I don’t remember what exactly triggered that sense. I suspect, however, it was rooted in some kind of disappointment. As I sat at our kitchen table during those early morning hours, I felt very discouraged. Yet, this discouragement was not permanent.

Again and again, I have been encouraged during these times by the faithfulness of God. In particular, I am encouraged by his promise to be a forever presence in our lives.

“I will be with you always” (Matt. 28:19-20)

Even as I write these words this morning, I think about how much I need this reminder for this new week.

God is faithful.


What is particularly encouraging to you when you feel overwhelmed by discouragement?

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6 thoughts on “Monday Morning and Life at Street Level

  1. Your timing, as always, is especially good.
    Being a minister, it is often my role to assist people through their grief and relational struggles. The past few weeks have been weeks filled with break-ups and loss. But I, as you, are reminded of the goodness of God. I am seeing God’s work in the life of my spouse as she helps me counsel with people. I can see God’s movement in my church family as they shed tears and show compassion. Even though I also lost a friend this past week I am reminded of the life this great man of God lived while here. His Kingdom example helps me to stay strong.

    As you said, God is faithful…and I am glad he will always be with me!