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1. coffee50.jpg Tim Spivey has done some good work related to generosity. See his post “Are Christians Generous?”

2. Are you on Twitter? Many on Twitter have moved way beyond simply telling people where they ate lunch. Again and again, I have been blessed on Twitter by learning about terrific blog posts, finding interesting links, etc. In other words, it has become a way to connect to some very good resources.

Sometimes these tweets are simply inspirational, such as the one posted by Tony Dungy (@TonyDungy) yesterday afternoon:

Integrity is what you do when no one is watching; it’s doing the right thing all the time, even when it may work to your disadvantage.

3. Do you use Kindle? I’ve had one for several years and really like its usefulness. I only purchase books that I think I will read once. BUT– here is what I really enjoy. When you highlight a passage from a book on Kindle, it is automatically put on your Amazon Highlight page. This page contains everything you have ever highlighted from a book on Kindle. Then you can easily cut and paste these passages, stories, quotes, etc. into your Evernote to be placed in a certain file. I have a file (“notebook” is what this is called on Evernote) called “Quotes.” I also have another notebook that is for stories I might use in a message. This is very, very helpful.

4. I have a notebook in Evernote as well as a physical file simply named “Crockpot.” In my Crockpot file, I will place thoughts, ideas, quotes, etc. that really need to cook for a long time. I may come across an interesting article in the news but may not be sure what to do with it. Consequently, if it strikes me as true, encouraging, interesting, etc., I will put it in the Crockpot file and let it sit for a while. Sometime later, I will go through that file and look at those notes again. It is interesting how, given some time, the dots will begin to connect between one thought and another. However, there are also times when I look at an article and wonder, “Why on earth did I keep this?” You might find this helpful.

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    • Taylor, let’s talk soon on the phone. I would like to talk with you about the value I’ve found in Evernote.