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1. Just became aware of a blog written by a couple who went through infidelity in their marriage and now have experienced the restoration of their marriage. (See “Our Marriage Restored “) This could be a very encouraging resource for some couples. (Thanks Trey Morgan)

2. I have always enjoyed laughing. So much of life (and ministry) can be heavy, serious, and tragic. Consequently, I have learned to really appreciate what is humorous and funny. Yet, I have also learned to be careful in what I say. The intent, in using humor, can be to lighten the moment. Yet, it can also backfire. Many years ago, I was teaching a Bible class and began with an unplanned remark about one of our good friends. My intention was not to embarrass this person
and certainly not to hurt this friend. Yet later, I learned that the moment was difficult for her because what I said came very close to being the same hurtful words her father often used regarding her.

I had no idea. I felt awful and apologized as soon as she told me. That Bible class incident took place a long time ago. I continue to use humor but make sure it is not directed at anyone in the room. I try to keep any attempted humor focused on something self-deprecating. (There is plenty of material to work with when I look in the mirror.) 🙂

3. You might want to read, “The Danger of Emotional Pornography.” (From Relevant magazine) This is very interesting.

4. I just read Rise of the Non-Believers in the Harvard Political Review. This is an interesting article (a single page) that highlights increasing growth of non-believers in the America. Here is a sample of this piece from the last paragraph:

Nonbelievers have always been controversial in the United States, and though their numbers are growing, the stigma against them has proven resilient. Yet nonbelievers may also hold some cards in their favor. According to the Pew Forum, 25 percent of 18-to-29 year-olds are nonreligious, and as that cohort becomes more civically active, it could contribute to a stronger secular political movement. Indeed, this younger generation will come into maturity as the Cold War-inspired generation begins to decline.

5. Are you familiar with Mindy Caliguire and SoulCare ministry? I have read one of her books and pay attention to her website and blog. You may want to read a post that is actually a guest post written by Mac Lake of Seacoast Church. This is an excellent post with some extremely important questions included in the post. You can find it here.

6. You might want to watch this video. Such an important focus! Daniel Harkavy (leadership coach) talks about the importance of “Taking the Long View” (2 minutes and 11 seconds).

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