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1. I’ve mentioned this before but can’t stress enough the usefulness of Evernote. Evernote really is a wonderful filing system. In fact, this is the best filing system I have seen for those of us who deal with a variety of resources. Be sure to read this fine post by Michael Hyatt regarding the usefulness of Evernote for a speaker. I found this to be very helpful.

Be sure to note Hyatt’s comments regarding the usefulness of the Amazon Kindle for posting the highlights directly to Evernote. This is done by taking your quotes directly from your “personal highlights page” and posting them. I realize these comments may seem a bit muddy at this point, so let me encourage you to start by reading the Hyatt post.


2. I heard Richard Hays speak last week at Truett Seminary (Baylor University). For some time I have appreciated his book The Moral Vision of the New Testament. I was quite impressed with his material last week regarding the use of the Old Testament by various writers of the New Testament. Not only was his content excellent but his speaking style was very engaging.

3. Do you read Seth Godin? His posts are short but thoughtful and provocative. I read what he writes and come away thinking.

4. For years, I have loved reading William Willimon. Read this article from The Christian Century, “Voice Lessons: Learning to Preach.”

5. Last Friday, Tim Keller and Rabbi David Gelfand were interviewed on Morning Joe about their upcoming sermons. A good discussion. Serious and thoughtful. Also hear Keller interviewed on Fox News.

6. I have now read forty pages of Eugene Peterson’s new memoir, Pastor. Peterson walks through his life in these pages and speaks about what has contributed to his view and perspective of pastoral ministry. Very refreshing!

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