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The following practices are important. In fact, these are game-changers for ministers.GameChanger_512x512.jpg

1. The very best thing you have to offer a congregation is the presence of a Godly person.

2. Manage yourself. Don’t live in reaction to an event in the past or to someone in the present.

3. Be a student of your church and your community. Be observant.

4. Teach/preach this week but prepare for the future.

5. Read. Read. Read. Good leaders read!

6. Take personal temptation seriously. Know that the evil one wishes to destroy you.

7. Seek maturity in your relationships.

8. Take a day off. Rest. Do something that brings you joy.

9. Be present in key pastoral moments, even with people you do not like.

10. Pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, and body.

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