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1. Read Jonathan Storment’s “Why I Preach.” Outstanding! Encouraging and inspiring.

2. Scot McKnight has been posting a very good series based on James Bryan Smith’s book, The Good and Beautiful Community. For example, see Scot’s post entitled “Spiritual Disciplines…for a Church 5.” (This really is a very good book. I am reading it right now-slowly.)

3. On a daily basis, I skim through a number of news sources (online). Typically, I look through the front pages for any article that seems interesting or intriguing for some reason. Usually, I will read, at that moment, one or two articles. The rest I will put in my instapaper. Some of the sources that I regularly check include the following: The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, Google News, Globe and Mail, Dallas News, and World News.

4. Tim Spivey has a nice video on sermon preparation–outside. Also see Tim’s fine post on “Preaching Intentionally.” Tim has a very good blog and is a good thinker.

5. Just got back from Salado (Texas) where I was a part of a small group of ministers representing a variety of churches. A very good retreat and an opportunity to get to know some great guys. It was a part sponsored by Baylor University’s Center for Ministry Effectiveness. A wonderful opportunity to learn from some area pastors.

6. I mentioned recently that I am taking a hard look at how I spend my time each day. This week I had three significant conversations with ministers (two of them are in their early 30s and the other is in his late 40s). The conversations were very helpful. There is something valuable about being able to look over another’s shoulder and listen to how that person works. If you have ideas or suggestions, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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